Pillars of our Culture:
Enjoy God’s Love
– The revelation of God’s goodness awakens in us the expectation for good things
Honor our Identity
– We transform into powerful citizens of heaven as we see the nobility the Father has placed in each of us
Live with Courage
– To live by faith, resisting the fear of failure, as we seek to fulfill the hopes and dreams God has put inside each of us
Embrace Hope
– We become beacons of hope for our communities as we draw confidence in God’s desire to bring heaven to earth

Transformed Minds
Transformed Lives
Transformed Community

To create a culture that ignites a crazy love and crazy belief in Jesus and each other, and transforms our lives and communities.

Crazy Love
(Enjoy God’s love/intimacy with the Holy Spirit)
-How we connect
-How we host God individually and in our times together
-How we purposefully demonstrate the love of God in our daily interactions within our communities

Crazy Belief
(Honor our identity – live with courage)
-Culture of honor and hope
-Understanding our gifting and calling (as a church and as individuals)
-Walking by Faith and not by sight

The Bible // The truth about God, The living authority for our lives
Prayer// Intimate conversations with our creator which unleashes His power in our lives
Worship // Our response, Our praise, Our actions, Our life
Servanthood // Selflessly, Joyfully serving in the name of Jesus,
Authentic Community // Growing together in our walk with Christ, Doing daily life together, Being  transparent Holding each other accountable in a loving way
Externally Focused // Representing Jesus well by intentionally investing in others our town and around the world

Gideon Huisamen
Larry Cooke
Mark Massengale
Adam Cole
Nate Weidenkeller